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Last updated - 191227

BioCepts International (BCI) is a broadly-based biotechnology development firm founded in 1997.  BCI was established to provide a wide assortment of professional biotechnology services to support and refine the business of aquaculture and to resolve related environmental issues:

Refining The Business of Aquaculture

  1. BulletEconomic Analysis and Feasibility Studies

  2. BulletBusiness Plan Development or Review

  3. BulletProduct Development, Processing and Marketing

  4. BulletAquaculture Product Marketing Studies

  5. BulletAquaculture Feed Testing and Development

  6. BulletSite Surveys

  7. BulletProject Management

  8. BulletNew Species Research and Commercial Culture Technology Development

  9. BulletSystem Design - Specializing in Closed Intensive and Super-Intensive Systems - particularly BCI's ISRAS facility designs

  10. BulletTechnology Audits - Aquaculture Production System Upgrade Designs

Sustainable Commercial Development of Spiny Lobster Aquaculture

  1. BulletOptimizing development economics and sustainability

  2. BulletSustainable seedstock production technology

  3. BulletCommercial spiny lobster diet development

  4. BulletLand based commercial production systems

  5. BulletCritical commodity nutrient and energy recovery production systems

Testing - Aquaculture Feed Development and Consumer Product - Marine Environmental Impact

  1. BulletAquaculture feed ingredient, feed formulation - development and testing

  2. BulletConsumer product (skin, hair, and personal care products) marine environmental impact testing

Algal Production Technology, Processing and Product Development

  1. BulletAlgal based, nutrients, nutraceutical, feed ingredient development and testing

  2. BulletEconomic feasibility

  3. BulletProduct and prototype development

  4. BulletProduction facility design, implementation and management

Shrimp Production

  1. BulletIntegrated Species Recirculating Aquaculture System Design (ISRAS)

  2. BulletBusiness Plan Development or Review

  3. BulletEconomic Analysis and Feasibility Studies

  4. BulletProduction Facility Design

  5. BulletSite Selection

  6. BulletProject Management

  7. BulletProduct Development, Processing and Marketing

Environmental Assessment and Restoration

  1. BulletEnvironmental Impact Assessments

  2. BulletHabitat Restoration

  3. BulletMangrove Deforestation Surveys

  4. BulletMangrove Restoration

  5. BulletWater Quality Assessments

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